End-to-end Demand Planning for SMBs, Powered by AI.

Access the same tech used by Fortune 500 companies to forecast demand, optimize inventory, and streamline operations.

Eliminate Inefficiencies.

Many companies are plagued by inefficiency when it comes to revenue operations.

Using the tools that help you gain traction.

Companies struggle to improve operations because they lack the visibility and analytics ability required to gain insights and optimize workflows.

To solve problems in a way other providers can't.

Other providers require their clients to have expertise that many SMBs lack. From lengthy onboarding to overly technical integrations, they cause more confusion than they solve.

And finally stop the bleeding.

You need a final solution that saves you time, automates your workflows, and optimizes your operations.

How? With DemandFlow.

We leverage your data to embed visibility, insight, and optimization into your operational workflows.
All while saving you time and effort, instead of requiring more of it.

Supply Chain Analytics.

DemandFlow connects to your data, wherever it lives - ERP, TMS, Quickbooks, Excel, BigQuery, RDBMS... anywhere.Then we use that data to provide analytical insights on your supply chain processes, which in turn drive optimal decision-making.

Predictive Insights and Optimization.

Once we have visibility into the data, we can take the next step into predictive analytics - forecasting future trends.DemandFlow turns these predictions into automated decision making processes, so your company operates like a well-ioiled machine.

Solutions That Match Your Needs.

Other providers force your unique problems to fit their software.We build each client's solution from the ground up, tailored to your specific use case.

DemandFlow Clients Are Boosting Revenue, Increasing Efficiency, And Winning Back Their Time.

PartSynergy increased revenues, stabilized margins, and broke the habit of “putting out fires”.

In 2020, PartSynergy - a dropship auto parts seller with millions of SKUs - had no visibility into their performance. Mis-priced parts could go undetected for months, causing significant losses. They lacked processes for making supplier, channel, and pricing decisions. And planning for the future was difficult because they didn’t have insight into sales trends.But with DemandFlow’s help, they turned this around. Starting with a deep dive data analysis, we standardized and automated reporting, pricing, and other operations activities. Further, with trend analysis and forecasting, we gave PartSynergy the tools to make strategic, future-oriented business decisions.In the end, the analytics and automation led PartSynergy to see increased revenues, larger and more stable margins, and most importantly gave them back time to focus on strategic decision making, instead of tedious spreadsheet work and frequent emergency handling.

Road Ready Wheels reduced freight costs and optimized their inventory holdings.

Road Ready Wheels is an omni-channel eCommerce seller of car wheels and accessories. They were dealing with issues managing their inventory on multiple levels. On the ordering end, they lacked the decision making tools to efficiently determine which SKUs to order and when to order them. This make inventory management a tedious and under-optimized process, with high rates of out-of-stocks and overstocks. On the fulfillment side, they had just expanded to their second 3PL partner and needed a framework for allocating inventory across fulfillment centers.DemandFlow took a two-pronged approach to helping Road Ready. From a tactical point of view, we delivered a quick and effective analysis of their past order data to determine a SKU-level strategy for allocating inventory across warehouses. This efficient storage of inventory lead to massive savings on freight cost.On the other hand, we took a more strategic approach to the general problem of inventory management and optimization. DemandFlow revamped RoadReady’s process from the ground up, from demand forecasting to transit time estimation to PO prioritization. In the end, we delivered a bespoke user interface with which Road Ready’s team could manage the entire inventory process. Alongside the machine learning based demand forecast, our built-in planning and alerting tools helped Road Ready achieve significant reductions in overstocks and out-of-stocks, leading to boosted revenues and significant time savings on the inventory management process.

What Can You Achieve With DemandFlow?

Demand Forecasting

Implement automated Machine Learning forecasts at scale. Whether you carry 10 SKUs or 10million.

Inventory Optimization

Incorporate budget constraints, safety-stocks, and lead time estimates all into a data-driven Purchase Order recommendation. Automatically.

Supply Chain Analytics

Shipping cost reduction, fulfillment
center inventory allocations, site
location, P&L analysis, FP&A, S&OP... you name it.
If it involves using data to optimize your business, we do it.

What Makes DemandFlow Different?

Bespoke Solutions

Data-driven solutions custom built for your business. And delivered to you on a silver platter. We don't force you to onboard clunky software that doesn't match your needs.

Works With Your Data

Whether you're still working out of
spreadsheets. Or you've got cloud-
hosted integrations between your
operational database, data warehouse, ERP and TMS systems.
We set it up for you.

Incredible In-Touch

DemandFlow's biggest differentiator is the level of care we give to understanding your business problems. That's why we deliver such effective solutions.

Are you ready to supercharge your supply chain?

Let's discuss your #1 Priority for Operational Effectiveness and what DemandFlow can do to help.

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Are you ready to supercharge your supply chain?

Let's discuss your #1 Priority for Operational Effectiveness and what DemandFlow can do to help.

About Us

Our Mission

At DemandFlow, we have a single goal: Use data to deliver massive value to our clients.To achieve that goal, we believe in the power of having a personal, trusting relationship with our clients. That way we can avoid all pretense and get down to the facts and problem solving.We pride ourselves on taking a problem solving approach to business, rather than a "hammer treating everything as a nail". That said, our team's background is in data science, so we are most efficient with solving problems requiring data integration, automation, or analysis. But luckily in 2022 - just about every problem can be solved with data.

Meet Our Founder

Adam is a data scientist with experience in large scale revenue forecasting, pricing analytics, and actionable data visualization projects.He’s delivered data-driven insights for everything from one-man eComm businesses to $10B tech companies.Adam love seeing business decisions put into action based on data-driven insights. He also likes going for a drive on some windy backroads, or the track.

Are you ready to supercharge your supply chain?

Let's discuss your #1 Priority for Operational Effectiveness and what DemandFlow can do to help.